Hives and Scales

May 8, 2013 § 1 Comment

May 7, 2013. 19:47.

This morning while I was cooking eggs over a very hot crepe pan, it was my mistake to put the heat on so high. I noticed the eggs started to bubble and form what looked to be like a hive. I became grossed out by the small bubbles forming together in the scrambled eggs. I immediately started to brush the remaining of the uncooked egg into the holes of the hive with a spatula to cover up the grossness.

Earlier this evening I was soaking chias, hemp hearts, and buckwheat to mix into my yogurt for a snack. I became intrigued by the detail shown on the chias’ skin. The Pattern of the soaked now burst chia, reminded me of the scales of a snake combined with their eggs. Again, I became disgusted by the many black snake scaled like eggs filling my bowl and now soon to be mixed with yogurt. Goose bumps ran across my flesh…

The scrambled eggs like a hive and the chias’ snake scaled like eggs reminded of a vision I had on Saturday afternoon.

I looked at myself through a mirror and my face was covered with barnacles.

I became horrified at the disgusted image I saw of myself.

I stumbled across a revelation thinking about the disgusted images of hives and their scaled eggs. Those hives and the scaled eggs resembled the vision of the barnacles on my face which i saw on Saturday. Immediately after, the story of Jesus healing Saul’s eyes from blindness came to my mind.

“Immediately, something like scales feel from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized, and after taking some food, he regained his strength…” (Acts 9:18, 19 NIV).

I felt like God was healing me, these barnacles on my face distorting my image and my true self. On the outside of my flesh I bore a sharp, rough, and ugly attitude. I became disgusted by these images because this was not who God made me to be, but in face, this was a trial I had to overcome. These barnacles fell off my face just like the scales that fell off Saul’s eyes and now my face reflects a softness; a softness which my spirit flows with love and gentleness.

-On my way home from work, I took out a bus ticket and placed it in between my left underarm and my book. I wanted to close up my backpack after taking out my wallet and at the same time walk across the crosswalk to save some time. I tossed my backpack over my shoulders and placed the book back in my hand. While walking up to the sky train, I noticed the ticket I had thought I held in my hand had disappeared. I believed I dropped it when I grabbed my book from my underarm. The ticket probably feel to the ground… I didn’t mind that I dropped the ticket, but maybe someone will find it and use it. Oh well.

I walk up to the Transit machines at the sky train and notice a man holding a credit card in his hand. He looked confused and he wasn’t sure what to do because he had wanted to buy a transit ticket from the machine, but both machines only accepted cash. I had stopped just before the machine to take out another bus ticket from my wallet. I said to the man, “Let me help you.” And so I did, I searched my backpack for a my wallet. I had thought of buying his ticket with my cash, but I realized I didn’t need to pay with cash because I had plenty of transit tickets. I ripped out a two zone bus ticket and gave it to the man.

He asked, ” I want to pay you back”,

I replied, ” Don’t worry about it.”

He offered again, “I’ll give you my number to pay you back.”

I simply said, “Take it. It’s my gift to you.”

He walked away with a free ticket in his hand and I called out to him, “You will need to stamp it.” I showed him how to place the ticket in the machine that stamps it with a time and date. I introduced myself and shook his hand, “My name is Brandon”, and he said, “My name is Satinder.”

A few weeks ago, I found it hard to give money or anything to people on the streets, but today I discovered those barnacles covering my face had fallen off and my heart was made new in God. So today, I freely give to those who need help or ask for something, God has healed my heart from this disease.


Midway through the worship night, I found myself walking to the backdoor and sitting on the wooden steps leading up to our house. Thinking and placing all these pieces together in one night made me itchy. I still receive goosebumps and a gross hive-like feel when I think about that evening. Collecting my thoughts together, I wrote down everything on my Iphone in my notes. Everything unfolded before my eyes and my body began to itch like crazy… Actually, it felt like the scales from my face was falling off. The thing was, the barnacles weren’t just falling off my face, but they were falling off my whole body! I trembled at the sight  of this vision and feeling being pressed onto me. I brushed my arms, neck, and face with my hands. When will it all stop?! I finally declared and placed all of my burdens, scales, barnacles, and hives into my hands. I gave them to God and dumped them at the foot of Christ’s cross. Finally. I felt relieved. Feeling much better, I stood up and walked back to the worship session.

During this evening’s worship, I was sitting on a black bean bag. I found these small white styrofoam balls leaking from the black bean bag. I got up off the bean bag and collected the small bead-like styrofoam balls into a pile. I was talking to a friend and I told them that these styrofoam beads was a metaphor for my scales that had fallen off from my face. I felt greatly at peace.

I am no longer sick, but I’m healed and freed. Also to note, the scales (barnacles) were once black (covered in darkness), but they were now white (purified).

Praise God who is always good.
The father who heals and who loves us so so much!


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  • Sheila Shannon says:

    Praising God with you, the God who is always good. Remain in the love of the Father, who through Christ and the power of the Spirit grants us healing, and works his grace of transformation in our lives. May your eyes be turned to Jesus, and beholding him be made into his likeness.


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