Blooming Revelations

May 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

May 16, 2013.

I love understanding the different gifts in this world. Gifts that are used to build up and Gifts that are used for encouraging one another. God’s gift to us are his spiritual gifts, and his gift to me is to identify the gifts in my friends and other people. Every person on this planet holds pieces of puzzles just waiting to be solved to form a picture. That picture is a revelation given by God.

Discovering the gifts of my friends is an adventure for me. It’s my kind of bushwhacking through a jungle and when I find a treasure chest hidden away, God pours revelations down onto me. His revelations are glorious.

I had a vision a while ago:

I saw a flower blooming and another flower blooming inside the first flower… this pattern kept continuing and soon a chain of flowers bloomed into each other forming a circle.

(If you have a hard time picturing it, imagine a crown a flowers – chained together.)

As I was sharing this gift and vision with Michelle, I suddenly began aware of the meaning for my vision.

We (Followers of Jesus) grow into flowers. One at a time, we blossom into beauty. Once we’ve blossomed into flowers, we learn something new about ourselves. It’s like God teaching us a revelation in our life. So this constant blooming of one flower into the next is God giving us one revelation to the next.

Revelations are beautiful.




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