Following God and being lead into his plan

June 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

I woke up today feeling tired… I just want to sleep. I really didn’t want to go to Isaac and Rosy’s house today after work. In fact, I just wanted to go to sleep once I was done with work. This morning I received a message from my brother asking me to bring two of his ping pong paddles with two yellow balls to give to Isaac, who plans to go up to camp on Saturday to give to him.  This was obviously a confirmation from God telling me to go to Isaac’s house after work. I didn’t know why God wanted me to go, but I knew he really wanted me to go.

Work was hectic and unlike other days, today gave me a huge headache. I work at White Spot as a Host/Food Runner (One thing I admire about working in a restaurant is that its busy and I get to meet many different kinds of people everyday!)  Our computer system at work crashed and everyone of the staff was trying to calculate the cost of each bill by hand (The old fashion way to calculate things), it was slow and a headache for the most of us. For me and the other hostess, I tried helping serve food and drinks for the tables waiting, I couldn’t do much considering the whole network crashed. Sigh. I finally finished work and knowing I had to drop off the ping pong paddles and balls, I bused over to my friend’s house.

My headache stayed with me until I met Andy, another youth who walked in with me into Isaac’s house. During the first bit of my stay, I talked to Andy about China and then we played Badminton for a fair bit of our time. We ate pizza… I stretched and chatted with a few of the other youth. It was somewhat relaxing.

Now this is where I found God working within me…

All throughout the night, I knew one youth wasn’t feeling so well, but I didn’t ask them what was going on. I waited. Later on we went home together and he told me he has been struggling with something. At first he was thinking about not telling me what he was specifically struggling with. So I said that I didn’t mind if he told me or not. (It’s not my duty to pry into their lives and struggles and know everything, but it’s for them to tell me in their own time when they are ready.) I prayed for God to show up and bring peace over him. So I waited some more and when we sat together on the Canada line, he opened up to me. I also told him, “Again I will say this to you. It doesn’t matter what you do or for anything that you’ve done wrong, I will always forgive you because Jesus forgives us for when we sin and I want to be more like Jesus.”

I am so proud of him for opening up and sharing his struggle with me. I am honoured and grateful to be his brother and friend.

I believe God planned this conversation to spark up from this morning. From the moment I woke up and looked at my brother’s message to go to Isaac’s house… God was planning to use me even though I had no idea that he wanted me to talk to this youth. He lead me from one event to the other and gave me a purpose to follow once I was in the place he wanted me to be in. I simply obeyed and out from obeying, I saw his glory falling and blooming brightly within each one of us. We spoke truth, the living truth that brings us freedom and life.

Praise God for his Grace and abundant Love.


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