He wakes me up

June 28, 2013 § Leave a comment


I woke up to the quietest sound from my alarm, it sounded like a gentle squeak. Immediately I looked over to check my clock and it was 07:18. I freaked out for a moment because I couldn’t comprehend what time it was and I knew I would be late for work. My alarm had been going off for eight minutes soundlessly. I finally understood what time it was and I was saved. I relaxed and felt grateful because God had woken me up. I thanked him.

Yesterday night I asked God to take away my sinful desires and temptation. As I struggled to persevere, I turned on my phone and put on some music. Tears rolled down my cheeks and peace followed afterwards. I had been carrying one too many burdens from the people who I was hanging out with yesterday.

I prayed for God to wake me up this morning which he did. The funny thing was that I always place my iphone on vibrate to wake me up because music or sound doesn’t work. Yesterday I did place my phone on vibrate, but when I placed my case back on my iphone… the case clicked and turned the silent to sound button on. I am very glad God nudged me this morning. He lifted me out of my dream so I wouldn’t be late for work.

Praise God!

With one day left, God has been preparing me to rely on him more. Even though there is only one day remaining, He is using all this free time to focus on him and prepare my hearts for the great adventure that lies ahead. I firmly believe that God will use this remaining time to develop a firm foundation between us.

I struggle with the idea that there isn’t enough time for me to become closer to God in a week, or in a day, or even in an hour or less. I want to regain the trust that I lost and to become fully dependent on Him again. I know it will take some time for me to give him everything, but I know God is always patient and accepting. His Love for me is far greater than my love for Him. In His time, He can make anything happen instantly, so placing all that I have into His hands is what I will do.

As I step forward into this wonderful co-leadership position in China with my Church (Granville Chapel), I become excited to see the work of God move throughout each one of us.

My spirit is waking up to become in tuned to God once again. Persevere! Love! Pray! Reflect!


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