My time in China

July 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

I came back from China on Sunday and I’m finally getting back into the rhythm of my life in Vancouver.

In China, I had the chance to co lead with 5 other leaders and take part in leading discussion and prayer. I loved China… it was the simplicity of their life, the poor villagers, the dirty roads, the hot sun and thick smog… I’m not sure why I love the suburban area so much, but to me… it was altogether beautiful. What is it about China that I love so much? Could be the people, or the culture, or that their first language isn’t English – I’m so in love with China!

For the first week, I participated half my time in the Foster Home. To me, I wasn’t too fond working with the babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, but maybe it was because my friends and family members hyped it up too much… I wasn’t willing to be open to the work we were given. Because there was one too many on our team, I switched out half of my time to work with the other team. We worked in the factory, prepared and painted two rooms which are currently being used for a parent and tot program now. On the weekend, we visited Tienanmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall. During the second week of work, a couple of us taught English to a man name Jack, and some middle school students, while some of us worked with the parents and tots in the new painted and furnished rooms. We played and taught English to the villagers (the parents and children). Our team also managed to clean up and set up a Library in the two rooms above the cafeteria. We moved old furniture down into some other classrooms and storage rooms, we dusted and washed the grounds and walls of each room.

Everyday after breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, whoever was still hungry for dessert went over to Anna’s shop to eat some delicious and cheap ice cream. I had a share of 10 or so on the trip.

I did not hear one person on the trip complain about being homesick. I’m very proud of our team!

During the first half of the trip, I noticed that many people would ask me to pray for the sick, or the people who weren’t feeling so well. I assumed that they would pray for those who weren’t feel well from their first instinct, but I was wrong. I felt drained, and I always felt like I was praying for everyone every single time… It was when a friend came up to me and told me that I could encourage others to pray. To make my prayer short, and to push them to pray. So during the second week of our mission’s trip – That’s exactly what had happened. I thought I wasn’t praying enough to God, but it was because I was guiding others to pray for those who had fallen ill. And instead of assuming that people would be prayed for, I prayed for them immediately when I felt God drawing me towards them. I was encouraged to hear and see our team take a step into faith and pray for each other. Prayer became everyone’s first instinct to a problem. It was glorious to see God work in everyone… He answered my prayer :).

There was a time when God was so present. Ju.12.13.
This evening before worship began. Jing prayed for me to remember what I had forgotten and after she had prayed, I remembered it and told her the good news. Not just one of us, but multiple of us had sensed God’s glorious presence in the room – He was so colourful and beautiful in the worship, discussion, and prayer time. There was also a moment when Heather was thinking about how long we should do something for… I didn’t know what she was thinking about, but when I looked over to her and met her eyes, I mouth 10 minutes and she said simultaneously 10 minutes. She also said, that we were going to pray. Then she asked, “Should we pray in small groups or…” I looked at her again and nodded that we should pray in small groups. This was what God had wanted. We prayed in groups… I suggested for my group that we would pray for anything that came into our minds. Anything that God wanted us to pray for. This idea to pray freely was finally put into place. That night was so precious and we were unified as one. Thank you Jesus.

What were my roles in China on this mission’s trip?
Well I believe one of my roles was to be a brother to the youth; to walk, encourage, love, and believe in their journeys with Jesus. I am joyfully praising the Lord as he has given this gift to me, so that I can walk as a faithful brother in Christ to everyone. I also became a guide, encouraging and urging those who wanted to pray more.

“And pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18 (NIV)

Prayer works. I went over to Iris on our plane ride back to Vancouver form Beijing… She didn’t look so well, so I asked her how she was doing. She was experiencing intense pain in her head and body. So I prayed for her and I asked God to bring her peace and rest into her mind and soul. Later that day she told me that after I had prayed for her, she experienced God’s peace for a few hours. I’m very grateful that God answered my prayer.

There have been miraculous moments where God answered our prayers continuously throughout the trip. He even continues to answer our prayers now.

God is so good! I will praise him constantly for giving me this life and journey.

Thank you for your prayers!


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