Sneaking in…

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There were three unusual moments when i was in the passenger seat driving with my uncle. When my Uncle said something about sneaking through, my mind became alert with two more sneaking moments to come.

1) I’m going to “Sneak in there”, (into a small spot, beside another car in the median lane turning left)

2) I’m just going to “Sneak through” a yellow light

3) “Yes! I snuck through”, (My uncle was waiting in the median to drive through to the other side, and there was a small gap of cars. He made it through)


July 27, 2013.

Yesterday when I brought up this story with Steven P, Afterwards, I remembered saying, “The devil likes to sneak in.” And that’s when I recognized why that was a revelation to me. The enemy tempts us with thoughts and ideas hoping to lead us into sin. Where as Jesus says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 , “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Persevering through many temptations is difficult, but I’m steadily learning how to do it. There are some things that are difficult for me – so I put limits on myself… like no drugs. It would make me go crazy… Ah. It is good to see God work in my life. Challenging to see God work here is just like how he was working in me when I was in China. The life is roughly the same.


I’m going to camp

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During the weekend of July 22, 2013, I read a friend’s affirmation card to lift my spirit up. The card had been blown onto the ground and laying alone from all the other cards I had placed on my bed. The song, Reach for me by Will Reagan came on.

I had discovered the unfortunate news that I wouldn’t be able to take August 14th off from work because it was considered to be one of the most busiest days of the year. I expressed my feelings out to a few friends, but it wasn’t how I wanted them to hear about it. Truly, I was disappointed that I couldn’t go to the Edge.
In the day before I talked to Paul Williams and he said, “Sometimes when we get to the place of missions we have an idea of what to expect, but sometimes God like to scramble things up.” 

I felt like my perfect plans for camp this summer was all scrambled up. Disappointed and Upset rested upon my heart. And Since July 20th, I’ve been numbing this pain instead of turning to God. Numb, Sin, Repent. Forgiven. Sometimes when I sin without repenting in a night, I have bad dreams… during this night I was forgiven for my wrong actions. I wanted to feel horrible because my selfish way was not seen through, and yet God gave me grace, peace, and love.

“I Love how you seem to be able to trust in God for anything, and when you’re open about this you also encourage others to do the same.”  Friend’s Truth spoken to me.

I pray that out of my cries, you will answer. Answer me in any way. If you want me to go to camp or not. I love you Jesus. Thanks.


I believe it was on Monday august 5th last week… I went up to my manager after work and I asked if I could go to camp the between August 18-24. She checked who else had holidays during that week and she found that no one was booked off. She said to me, “I’ll have to ask Mark (our general manager) about it.” She thought about it some more as I waited, “You can go to camp, but just keep reminding me.”

Immediately Joy poured into my whole body and I just wanted to shout out loud! I thanked her and went home. On the way home, I thanked and praised God for answering my prayer. I’m going not to the Edge, but to breakaway 🙂

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