Stirring in my dreams

January 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

About one or two months ago I prayed for God to use me in my dreams. What do i mean? I wanted to be active in my dreams to follow his will and bring his kingdom to earth. I wanted to be praying for people as I dreamed.


 Dreaming is a gift from God. I absolutely love to dream, regardless of where I am or what I”m doing, most of the time my dreams feel like a safe and exciting place to rest. 

And lately I have been asking him to prompt me to follow him wherever and whenever.

It was yesterday morning when I woke up at 05:00 from a dream. A dream where I remembered a good friend of mine crying on the phone to my sister. I didn’t know what was going on, but it was unusual to see her crying in my dream. As my eyes opened in alarm after the dream, a presence of fear filled the room. I became frightened and my back felt tense and frustrated from the soft mattress.  I coughed because my throat was parched – maybe a sickness was coming onto me.  Then I cried, calling out to the Lord for help. I wanted Him to come rescue me and my friend from this feeling of fear and sorrow. I wanted Him to bring us peace and rest.

This was the first time in my life where God placed a friend in my dream to think about and then woken me up to pray for them.

Later that day, I asked my friend how she was feeling the night before. She was feeling discouraged and was going to ask me for prayer that night, but she ended up sleeping instead.  So in response to her cry for help, God used me. He prompted my in my dream and as I woke up to pray for her.

God, I know You are here and You are always here with us even when we deny your presence,  when we deny your silence because we need something tangible as a response. Even when we feel all alone, but I know that You, O Lord, have and will never forsake us. God I praise you for making miracles happen, for using each one of our gifts to encourage and increase our faith for the body of the church. I am passionately excited to see more of your transformations throughout me, my community, and your kingdom. Amen.


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