January 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Why is it that every time I want to do something, I end up doing nothing? Where every bit of my free time needs to be filled with something… and yet it comes to a point where I cannot bear to do anything because I’m simply bored and lazy. I am bored with being distracted. Where my mind cannot function anymore because it’s filled with junk. I think I have had enough of filling my mind with unworthy things. Entertainment can only go so far in this life, but if I start choosing to spend some time with God, I know that I will be filled with his presence.

There’s a feeling in my heart – it shapes an uncomfortable frustration where I am limited with my patience. It grows and aches when my mind is not being shoved underneath the earth. Even now, it’s not just a feeling that rises from my heart and a numbing pain that leaks out from the temples of my head. I can finally see it coming to the surface of my soul. Where it can be identified and given to the foot of the cross where Jesus can cleanse and wash me anew.

When tomorrow comes, I may be back into the rhythm of filling my mind with distractions and junk. However, change is one step at a time and sometimes its instant.

Jesus, I pray that you will change my posture to pursue you more. Break down this stronghold of distractions that is planted in my heart. I surrender everything to you so you may use me as your please. Prompt me with your spirit  to pray for anyone needed regardless of what time and what place we may be in, and please guide me to speak with truth and love to everyone I encounter. Thank you Jesus for your grace and salvation, for giving me life and for taking away all of my sins. Amen.



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