I’m filled with so mmmmmuuucch joy!

February 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the Lord to change my entire posture into a prayerful posture. This past week after the prayer lesson on Sunday with Paul Williams, I noticed how much a blessing I receive from the Lord when I pray for others. In the past when I have felt discouraged, hopeless, and defeated… I always wanted to pray with people  and when I did pray, I received so much life afterwards! It’s like God took away my burdens and struggles and breathed new life into my body again. How revitalizing it is when I pray to God and through constant prayer, my cup is overflowing with his goodness and energy to keep on going!

This week a couple of people have been struggling in a storm, and through both cases I’ve seen God lift them out of the storm and above the clouds! It’s amazing to see God’s light shine brightly and watch the darkness flee and disappear! I give my praises to God continually. Without him, I am nothing, and because of Him I am loved and filled!

From Sunday to today, I have been getting less than 6 hours of sleep, yet every day that I wake up, I have so much energy to expend outward onto others! I have so much joy and so much love for the people at my work and my co workers. I am so pleased to meet new and regulars at my work. I love doing favours for my co workers to help them with their job too! I’m just over joyous. The Joy of the Lord is my STRENGTH. I can truly see His glory being brought down into my workplace.

And I pray that you may be encouraged to not give up in your workplace either! Persevere! Persevere! Persevere! God will give you strength when you rest in him, He will protect you from evil doers underneath his wings, My Lord is my best friend. Thank you Jesus for for this wonderful week! Continue to pour your goodness into my life so I can bring your kingdom into the lives of those who don’t know you yet! Let your presence be thick in my workplace, and let your words speak through my mouth. Use me God. Use me and It is only you who can change the hearts of the people in this world. Love you!


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