Returning into the presence of God

February 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

In the past week I have struggled with anxiety and worries. My thoughts have been so attached to a game that my brain hasn’t been able to shut off. It feels like I have consumed so much caffeine that I can’t sleep. I enjoy brainstorming new ideas, but when I try to pray and listen to God, I can’t seem to get anymore. My thoughts have been so clouded and blocked.

My friend Isaac had a vision for me: Brandon is the captain of a warship. Thoughts come into his head. ‘What if there’s a mutiny?’ ‘What if we have stowaways?’ ‘What if we crash?’ He continues to command the ship and they arrive safely with no troubles.

Convicted by this vision, I decided to take a new route away from my worries. I wanted to do something new and i had some books lying around in my room… so I started reading “The Rabbi’s Heartbeat” and “Practice the presence of God” at night before I sleep.

It’s been so amazing to meditate upon these power revelations in these books which have revealed my wounds to me. Therefore, I am able to repent in tears and ask for forgiveness. His grace brought peace over my clouded thoughts of worries and anxiety.

Thank you Jesus for clearing my clouded thoughts so that I can hear your voice again. I am Returning into your presence once again. Amen


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