Small pictures brings me excitement

February 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

I was talking to a friend today, I was to meet her at Benny’s cafe at Broadway and Larch. Now at the time before meeting her, I wasn’t so sure where this place was, but I had a vivid picture pass through my mind. I realized that I’ve been there once before. When I started walking to this place after getting off the 99 b-line, my heart jumped because what I had envisioned was exactly what was being shown before me. Why did I remember this place? A place where I’ve only been to once? I believe God brought me this image so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding the right place.

Later on in the conversation, she asked me who she saw in Seattle. She told me to guess and it was a person from Open Door. A picture of Natasha flashed in my mind. I guessed Natasha and she said yes. I told her that was a random guess. What a coincidence. Or maybe it wasn’t a coincidence but God’s divine message. That’s so cool. God was so present during our conversion that my excitement for him grew even more! It’s exactly what I had been praying for – and it was Isaac who had suggested it to me.

It’s when I talk about God related topics: Spiritual conversations, gifts, or pieces of my testimony.. During and Afterwards I get pumped up, excited and filled with his joy. I just want to talk about Him forever!


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