My day starts with God answering my worries and telling me not to rush :)

March 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

I opened the fridge this morning wondering what to make for dinner tonight. Gai-lan, coconut milk, rice… I could ask my dad and Joan for ideas, but I brushed that idea aside. A few minutes later my dad asks me to make something simple for dinner since they’ll be shopping for groceries on Friday. I take out some meat to ask him what it is, ground pork, then i take out some chicken to defrost for the day. Well that solves my problem. Thanks lord for answering my worried thoughts.

This morning while I saw people waiting for the train heading to waterfront, I knew I could make it for that train. My clock spoke 08:05, giving me just under 30 seconds to run down and up the stairs to make it in time. While skipping down the stairs, then up the next set of stairs I saw a lady who looked in pained. I saw her sitting on her bum holding onto her ankle, a couple of tears streaming from her eyes. I squat down beside her and took out my ear buds asking, “What happened?” She told me she fell while running up the stairs and sprained her ankle. I placed away my rushing thoughts to get to work early and being filled with compassion I kindly asked, “Is there anything I could assist you with?” She says, “Another lady is already assisting me.” A sky train worker wearing a green jacket walks down the stairs saying, “I’ll be assisting this lady, thank you all for helping.” I nodded and took my time to walk up the stairs. I saw the sky train was packed with people, I wasn’t going to make it on this train. I waited for the next train making it on time and when I arrived at the B-line stop, which the bus came a couple minutes later, I managed to bump into Aidan (a camper from Breakaway) and sit next to him. We had a good chat. I generally see him once or twice a week on a Wednesday or Thursday morning as I head to work.

I was reading the Rabbi’s heartbeat by Brennan Manning. On one of his pages he prays, “Lord, Touch me, fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and show me how to reach out to those that You put in my path. Amen.” As I prayed this yesterday night, I was hoping that God would use me today. He certainly answered my prayer and I’m praying that he will continue to prompt me with people so that I may share the Love of Christ to them.


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