Metaphor and gift from God

December 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

As the result of my bad dream of silverfish living in my bed, I have decided to clean my room.

Cleaning the dirty blinds of dust Brought by the air from cambie street. Reflects how God took away the burdens and dusted my heart so that I can shine brightly again.

Arleen decided to help me clean the blinds as we were listening to the music. I heard her say, “I really like this song.” I replied, “Yeah, I really like this song too.” When we sat in the car to go to church, Arleen said to me, “I didn’t know you understood Spanish.” I told her, “I thought you spoke it in English.” She said, “No, I said it in Spanish,” I asked her to say it in Spanish and I couldn’t understand her then I asked Joan if that was the exact translation in English and she said yes. Could it be for a few seconds, that I understood Spanish as English? The gift of interpretation of tongues?

Holy Spirit, this is amazing and I thank you for allowing me to understand this not as a coincidence but as a gift that you gave to me during those few seconds. I pray that you continue to reveal and open this gift for me Jesus.

I felt grateful and at peace cleaning the blinds and with Arleen helping me. Even before she helped me, I wanted to ask her to help me, but I decided not to because those were my blinds that I had to clean. She came into my room and offered to help me. I told her if she wanted to help I would love it, but to finish her food first. She came in after she was done and helped me clean. Thank you for speaking to me Holy Spirit.

I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, becoming clearer and clearer.


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