Transitioning from work to camp

June 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

It’s finally coming to an end at WhiteSpot. I have spent a good two years and eight months there.
I have been so blessed by my coworkers and managers who have provided me with much patience, laughter, and love. I had an amazing opportunity to work through almost all the jobs there; first starting as a host, moving up to expo, then to an in-charge, working slowly as a carhop, then from time to time, dish washing, food expoing, making desserts and salads in the fountain, and lastly being in the straw (deep fryer) for only 10 minutes. I’ve racked up so much experience, confidence, and skills. You know i’m probably level 99 now, just kidding. I’m nowhere near there. However, I am so blessed that I can’t explain it in words how grateful I am for everyone at WhiteSpot. You guys are the best!

June 15 will be my last day at WhiteSpot. If you are in the neighborhood and would like to be served by in the Drive-in service, I will be there.

Then I will have one week to gather myself and stuff together before I depart to Pioneer Pacific Camp (PPC). This will be my third time at PPC, but this time I am returning as a staff leader. The first time I attended PPC, I was an L.I.T. (Leader in Training). The second time I went, I was a cabin leader volunteer at breakaway. At last, I will be part of the staff team there this summer being one of 4-5 leaders leading the Leaders in Training program. The main role for me is mentoring students to become closer to God challenging them in unthinkable ways hahaha, and probably doing some other team building activities with the group such as bible studies, an outrip, and so on… The Leaders in training program starts june 28 and ends on july 11. For the end of July and from mid August to September 5th, I will be baking bread for the camp with some LIT leaders. I’m not too sure what else I will be doing but, this is a start.

Baking is a hobby I love doing in my free time. The concept feels weird that I am getting paid for what I love to do for/with people. I love how God made this work out, using my gifts for his kingdom.

I would appreciate your prayers as I lead at camp, and as I bake bread building relationships with other leaders in training during the other weeks. I am stoked to see what new experiences and challenges come my way.


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