Saying my goodbyes

June 11, 2015 § 1 Comment

Yesterday and today I have been saying my goodbyes to all the regular customers I have had over this past year, and who i have gotten to know pretty well. Being a regular at a restaurant is definitely something I want to do when I’m older and settled down because the relationships you build up with those people are so rewarding!! It’s not just an every, hi, nice to meet you, my name is… how can I help you sort of deal, but what’s your name, what do you do? Oh let me share something great that happened to me today! I found sharing my Joyful/funny stories and hard struggles in my life made these regular customers open up to see a new light in me. Honestly, tips aren’t everything, but in the restaurant serving industry it is your wage. It’s not something I fancy and want to spend my whole life doing, but it definitely was worth the experience.

A few days ago, I have been praying as to what my courses would look like in the fall. Ah yes I will be attending school now that I won’t be working part time or full time. I can’t seem to balance working part time with going to school as last year that lead me into a 3 week depression. It wasn’t fun at all, and when I thought I was ready for school, work, and volunteer… I truly wasn’t.

What do my courses look like in the fall?

I will be taking English, Sociology, Korean, and Aboriginal studies. So anyway, I met a regular who I said goodbye to yesterday saying that I won’t probably ever see him again. In December, I was able to share what my passions or dreams for my future, and in return he shared what he does for a living. He’s like some sort of business person… but hmm.. I’m not sure how to describe it… He basically works with business men and teaches them about aboriginal culture. That’s cool. He asked for my email address wanting to stay in touch and hopefully to sit down for a cup of coffee in the summer. He admired my work ethic and told me I had a good spirit. That they were looking for people like that. Cool – almost sounded like I was about to be recruited and may possibly.

It is mind blowing to see God work in all that I ask of him. I hope I will be in school for the fall. I am finally heading back to school after being away for so long!

Tonight, while sitting down eating my chicken strips at WhiteSpot. A person’s name came into my mind. I asked my coworker if she has seen this person because I haven’t seen him in awhile. She laughed, “He’s right behind you.” whoa! now that couldn’t be a coincidence! His name is George, a regular who I have been serving as a carhop for quite a while now. It was great to see him on my of my last few days at work. I said my goodbye. He was shocked that I was leaving, I hope has good servers for the future.

It’s really cool to see all the people God has placed into my life. I am utmost grateful and blessed to see these relationships grow. I am praying that they would know God one day too, and be encouraged to meet new people and build better relationships wherever they go to eat.

Countdown: 2 days left and 3 shifts to go 🙂
Gonna finish strong with an out pour of joy!


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  • Hubble says:

    It’s truly a blessing to be surrounded by people. It’s because they are around us — which gives us the opportunity to live out God’s love for us ..and to them.

    God is good and He always will be good.

    Praying that the next step of your journey will be even more God fulfilling.

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