July 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

While at camp, I came to the conclusion that I never settled down in the big transition from Vancouver to pioneer. Such feelings of never really feeling at camp, nor being terrified, nor ever being super excited came to me. I arrived one day late with a friend, because we missed out last ferry to Chemainus to Thetis Island. With the help of the travel lady, we managed to stay at a co-staff worker’s house in Nanaimo. (I wouldn’t have mind sleeping in the car or camping outside for a day…)

The realization of never feeling like I was ever at camp lasted because the person I was in Vancouver was the same person I was at camp. There was no transition due to the grace of God. God was saying, “Hey Brandon, I got you. It’s smooth sailing from here on out.” The first time I came to Pioneer Pacific Camp was when I did LIT in 2006. It was the beginning of my faith journey with Jesus, and my second home. It makes sense that I felt no transition because I moved from one home to the next home.

Now my transitions don’t end there…

Throughout the LIT program I had to change cabins a few times… at first it was frustrating because it was a last minute thing, however, I became blessed with such awesome boys I was cabin leading. My love for them grew as I wanted to get to know them better. (earlier on in the program: I wanted to get to know them personally, but had a difficult time doing so. Fortunately God knew what was best for me to make this happen.)

I just gotta keep on trusting in the Lord to provide for me. Things will work out as they always do.

It’s his perfect timing and placements (I call them Divine appointments : not coincidences) that astound me day by day. Praises to God!


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