Physical Manifestations

March 13, 2017 Comments Off on Physical Manifestations

I’ve been curious lately…

Just recently, I have received back the gift of discernment in spirits from the Holy Spirit.

The first time I encountered this gift was when I was in China. I was playing a card game with three friends when suddenly I began to cry. However, no tears were coming out of my eyes. I wondered why I was crying and immediately a name popped in my head. I had placed together the two thoughts that the person’s name who popped into my head was crying, and I was mirroring her cries. One of my friends, “J”, who was playing cards with me, was this person’s best friend. So I explained what was happening to “J”, and she went into another room from the opposite side of the apartment. A few minutes later, she comes out and reports back to me saying that I was right, and that her best friend wanted to see me. I went into the room to find her laying on a bed sitting slightly upright, a tissue box sitting beside her, a black laptop on her lap, and her face drenched from her tears. She couldn’t talk because she was choking up from crying so much, so she typed on her laptop to speak to me. I sat beside her, listening to her cry for help, and comforted her as a friend.

This was the first time I received a physical manifestation from the Holy Spirit: The gift of Discernment in Spirits.

There were many other stories that had happened since then and still continues to this day. The reason why I am writing this story is to be reminded of how the Holy Spirit spoke to me then, and is still reminding me to record how the gifts of the Holy Spirit builds up the church.


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