Rice Krispy square

March 18, 2017 § Leave a comment

All throughout the morning of my practicum yesterday, I was craving a rice krispy square. I was really tempted to buy some at the local grocery store, but resisted. Later on that day after one of my classes, my friend went to buy stuff at a bake sale and offered me to get something because she had a toonie. I said no the first 2 times, then finally gave in and chose the rice krispy square. My earlier morning cravings had been satisfied. I thanked my friend and thank God for this unique experience receiving this small gift.

Today, as I was walking to school after eating my lunch, I had a thought that the bus should be passing by me soon. I looked behind me, but saw nothing there. 10 seconds later, it passes and I could’ve made it for the stop if I had ran. ah well.

The reason why i mention these insignificant stories is because it reminds me of when the Holy Spirit spoke to me randomly in my day. He met my needs even when I wasn’t asking for anything, but simply did it because he loves me. Or so this is what Ive been believing – this two way relationship between Jesus and me.


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