The Holy Spirit speaks again

March 26, 2017 § Leave a comment

This morning I woke up in the middle of the night – exactly when a friend from South Korea had messaged me. He was feeling bad for something he had done to a person whom he met that day.

I told him, “I so happened to wake up at the moment he texted me.” But truly, it was the Holy Spirit who woke me up in the morning to attend to his needs. My friend needed a friend to talk to about it. I talked to him briefly, but only for 10 minutes, then I went back to sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep though, I tried… it felt like I was awake before I slept. I should’ve talked to him yesterday.

Thinking about how the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me daily, I want to be more willing to listen and be obedient. “Holy Spirit, why am I wide awake now?” Instead of assuming that it was coincidence – when it’s like a divine appointment, in which I could’ve shared the reason why I woke up regardless if he didn’t believe in God or not.

I will continue to pray and see, if and when God will bring me more opportunities to listen to the Holy Spirit.

For now, I will not feel guilty or remorseful over this event, but that I will try to take some time and ask Him, “Why am I up?” And wait for his reply. Then follow his words.


— A friend of mine was talking about going to the gym and being sore. I said, “You have time for that?” She replied, “I make time for it.”

The question that I need to reflect on is:
What do you want to make time for in your life?

I need to make time to not only pray, but wait for a response from the Holy Spirit, instead of thinking about my needs first. I want to put the needs of others first before myself (being a servant to all).


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