March 26, 2017 § Leave a comment

A while back, I had a vision of a friend, who in the vision was doing some bad stuff. I shared my vision with my friend, but they had lied and said they were fine. At that time, i believed my friend and thought nothing more of the vision. However, if I had only pressed on with the vision and trusted the Holy Spirit with the truth that he gave to me then I think things could’ve turned out differently today.

I don’t regret what I did, but now I wish that for the vision that the Holy Spirit gives to me, I want to press on and say (what another friend had encouraged me to say), I really think that the Holy Spirit is telling me something, and there has to be a reason why he has given me this vision, there must be something there – connecting the vision to the person’s life. You are attacking their flesh when you are pressing in with your visions.

Saying something along those lines…

I really do want to press into the visions that He gives to me and trust the truth of what the Holy Spirit is saying to me. And I mean sometimes I may be wrong which is okay… but yeah.

I talked about having visions for another friend in another post. Well, I think back to that time when i hurt her because I wasn’t discerning my visions (- is there a right time to share them?). And because of that time, I don’t push, or press into to sharing a vision that has a negative image to it with others.

That is my prayer for this week and until I become more obedient to the words and pictures of truth that Holy Spirit whispers to me.


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