A dark pit

April 20, 2017 § Leave a comment

For the past week I have disconnected myself from the outside world. Only ever going outside when I needed to. Until tonight, when I cut those chains of bondage, which held me locked up inside a dark pit. Those chains kept my mind from thinking – I had lost myself entirely, being carefree and stress free. I was surviving off of the minimal  to no interactions each day and barricading myself inside a dark pit where I sealed off the entrance. To my surprise when those chains fell off me, I began to think once again. I was not the only person sitting the dark pit; the pit that I dug and sealed off.

I looked into the face of the person sitting in front of me. His face glowed with light even though there was no light in this dark place. My eyes opened wide and I gasped, taken aback from this person. Tears rolling down my face in complete surrender.

This person was Jesus Christ who then asked, “Why are you hiding?” Not thinking properly, I responded, “I’m not hiding…” I paused. I thought to myself, “Who have I been hiding from?” The answer was obvious. I was hiding from God.

The moment I broke the seal, everything came undone; all of the distractions that have been keeping a lid on me. I feel everything again. Much like a human being.  Much like a child in surrender to God. 


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