Aligning myself with God

May 8, 2017 § Leave a comment

I believe all it takes is a little bit of free time with Jesus Christ.That little bit of time increases as I give it up to him. The thought of giving only 15 minutes increases to 1 h 30 minutes.

I have been confused, distracted, and lost in what I wanted to be true. The truth of what my beliefs and law ought to be, however, I couldn’t form those beliefs to what i had wanted them to be like so that I can have both God and my desires… no, it couldn’t be like that. The moment I lost sight of Jesus Christ, I lost sight of who I was – my identity and my beliefs gone. It was chaotic and stressful for me.

Yesterday I spent some time praying for some youth and contemplated some thoughts that were distracting me. I finally gave them up to God being relieved of the disturbance from these distractions. When those distractions left, peace inhabited my soul. I thank God for his peace and being present in my life. I made boundaries between certain friends and have left all my desires at the door – in hope that God’s will will replace them. I am trying to step out in faith with boldness and obedience to follow the Holy Spirit’s voice as he guides me through God’s will.

I remembered… A clear image of a man who prophesied over me at YWAM in 2010. He mentioned how i will be a father of Vancouver. What does it mean to be a father? Then it dawned on me. What Brett had said earlier that day (yesterday), talked about how I am like an absent father taking care of the parents’ children as a teacher and professional. Fathers will look up to me and be inspired that they can also be playful with their children if they don’t know how to be… The idea of being this father figure among Vancouver over the children wonders how God will make this idea bear fruit. How will that come about? It is a wonder. Only God knows and I trust that he will guide me through to it.

I am excited and ready for this new week!

Come Holy Spirit and guide my ways, my thoughts and my heart.


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